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Interview with Kimberly Miller

If you could describe yourself in 2 words what would they be?
I model my business after my two strengths.  The two traits/words are “honest” and “consistently diligent!”

What is your favorite childhood memory?
There are two childhood memories.  The first was constructing my very first wear-able dress at the age of 13.  The second was growing up with 9 siblings and forming teams for multiple sports.

Who is your favorite sports team?
I am a sports fanatic, which comes to light through my fitness training business.  Whether it’s a simple weight loss plan or an extravagant athletic goal, I’m here to make you better!  My favorite sports team would be the Minnesota Machine… showing my loyalties to my favorite Women’s tackle football team here in the Twin Cities!

What is your motto or favorite quote to live by?
Everything I do is a reflection of my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.  Without him I could do nothing.  With this faith I humbly trust where he leads me.

What inspires you?
What inspires me the most is helping people!  Either by helping them reach their personal goals or assisting in altering clothing.

How did you get your start in the business?
A good friend encouraged me to begin my own business because I have talents that are rare for an individual.  I began sewing clothes at a very young age.

What is the most unique thing about you?
My past has molded me into who I am today.  Growing up Amish has helped me have strong values and talented skills.


A brief introduction to Training Day:

In a time when society is filling us with countless obligations, there is little time for yet another commute to a fitness center or alterations shop. With the increase of heath and fitness awareness on the rise, you are now able to turn to a new avenue of consistent fitness protocols that meets with you at the most convenient location; your home.

Research shows that as few as three percent of regular gym members actually reach their targeted goals. Many only attend up to two months after they obtain their fitness membership and continue paying gym fees for years. Without the knowledge of how ones nutritional needs and fitness goals interact, many individuals have a tendency to exercise too hard, not hard enough or they exercise too long, not long enough. Life is filled with many unknowns. Improving one’s health and wellness should not be one of them.

Training Day is about providing life long encouragement and accountability to you through consistency and trust. Many females go through life wishing and dreaming of having the perfect physique. My goal is to educate you on how to reach and maintain your operable genetic makeup through proper fitness and nutrition. By embracing your goals, this attainment will be reached through my commitment to you and provide the ongoing support needed to encourage confidence and a mental edge for living a successful career in athletics and/or in improving your quality of life.

An added service Training Day provides as a result of successfully reaching your fitness goals, I have the professional expertise to alter clothing. Specialties include wedding dresses, bridal & prom gowns.

My goal is to provide all the tools to make you look the best on your biggest day!

Training Day
Kimberly Miller
Private Mobile Fitness Trainer
Professional Alterations
Phone: (952) 270-2724

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